Welcome to my world.

Fashion. Interior Design. Food and Drink. Travel.

My name is Megan and i like nice things. No… i LOVE nice things, the only way i can describe my passions in life – pretty, nice, alluring, delicate, enchanting and luxurious.

I live in the beautiful lake district which is where i have a boutique, Peony Lane, where i sell women’s fashion and accessories. I’m a normal girl that has to work to afford the things i enjoy in life and this is reflected in how i shop. I enjoy mixing luxury brands with high street steals, and most of all i’m a girl that loves a bargain, who doesn’t? I have my own style which i hope you’ll get to know and take inspiration from.

I’m starting this blog as a sort of diary to chronicle the things i love doing in my life from travelling to picking out a new handbag, and to create a space for other like minded people to get involved…i hope!

Happy reading,

Megan xoxo